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היה לנו הכבוד לייצר עבור גורו היי טק הישראלי בני לנדה סרט לקראת השקת המדפסת החדשה והמפכנית שלו.

הסרט הוצג בביתן של LANDA במסגרת תערוכת הפרינט הגדולה בעולם DRUPA 2016,

וזה מה שיהיה לבני לנדה לכתוב על תהליך העבודה עם נאנוק:

” To whom it may concern,

 We had the privilege of working with Nanook on an animated video at Drupa 2016, a two-week printing industry exhibition (the world’s largest trade show) with 300,000 visitors. The video was displayed on a huge screen and played a central part in delivering our “green message.”

 Impressed by Nanook’s portfolio of work and their positive can-do attitude, we began production with a project brief and a very tight schedule. They successfully met our deadline and delivered a finished product with results that greatly exceeded our expectations. This took extraordinary efforts on Nanook’s part, including nights and weekends. Though we are a very demanding and perfectionist client, nothing was ever too much for the ever-cheerful Nanook team, which were a pleasure to work with.  

 We unequivocally  recommend Nanook for any video production. Their creative thinking, skilled hands and around-the-clock support are just a few of the qualities that made working with them a truly satisfying process.

 To see our amazing video, go to

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